whiteblade: (✦ windy)
Character: Melania Blanoir
Canon: Original

Species: Lucario
Differences: Red ribbons tied around Lucario's uh... black droopy appendages things and one around the neck. Also the black appendages are a little thinner and longer.

Learned Moves: Foresight, Quick Attack, Endure

TM'd Moves: n/a

Team: Rescue Team name here.

Tag: oc: melania blanoir

character info
whiteblade: (✦ rose)
  • has serious daddy/attachment issues like whoa
  • which probably stem from the fact that her mother left when she was three and her father is the only person that's really stayed in her life
  • not good with understanding peoples emotions
  • not even one bit
  • (you could probably blame her dad for that since he linefaces practically 24/7 and is 100% done with just about everything)
  • really immature about her own emotions
  • basically really childish, happy-go-lucky and naive about basically the entire world
  • her only goal in life is to be an exorcist and fight monsters
  • the thought of doing anything else has never crossed her mind
  • like at all
  • she is very driven and hard working when it comes to completing tasks
  • is surprisingly good with swords (mostly ridiculously huge ones) and daggers (who even allowed her to hold a sword in the first place it is a mystery)
  • of course she decently athletic due the above point of wielding swords, tho she isn't fast, just durable
  • speaking of durability, and in hand with her childishness, nothing really fazes her. oh her father is an exorcist, no big deal. oh there's monsters that torment people, pff no biggie.
  • the only thing that would really make her crack is being abandoned
  • also has terrible sleeping habits, tends to stay up late in case of monsters attack
  • (not that they've ever been attacked at night, but you never can be too save)
  • because of that, she often dozes off randomly
  • though it would be a very slow process since melania isn't very quick on the update and terrible at emotions
  • also she forgetful and has a habit of not remember how big words are pronounced